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There are many types of timbers found in Africa, not just those indigenous to Africa but also imported timbers. In this article however I will be giving you a basic list of some timbers from Africa.


1. African Mahogany


Family: Meliaceae

What Do Timber Suppliers Do?

Timber is a big part of construction and a variety of other industries such as packaging and paper making. This means that timber suppliers are in great demand, but what do timber suppliers actually do?


Timber suppliers are actually business professionals. They engage in a variety of activities such as cultivation, preparation and the sale of the various types of timber required by the industries using timber. Some timber suppliers will specialise in the procurement and resale of timber while others will do everything from the growing of the trees to the sale of the felled timber. Some will even specialise in the sourcing and selling of reclaimed timber, that is, timber which has been harvested by demolitions companies.

Get Advice For Private Timber Sales

Some people are still lucky enough to own large tracts of land. One of the things that they may do on this land is cultivating timber. This is all good and well, but what happens when it comes time to sell the timber. Timber sales can be tricky for newcomers to the market. This is why it is a good idea to get advice before you even start felling trees.

What Affects Timber Prices?

The price of timber affects a lot of things. Construction projects can get more expensive or cheaper, the cost of furniture and other wood products. Even the price of wood shavings for horses' stables is affected by timber prices. But what affects timber prices?

Sourcing Wood for Timber Products

When it comes to timber products, the wood that is used it very important. If the quality is not right or if the grain of the wood is not true the products do not turn out the way that they should. This is why it is important to know what you want and where to find it if timber products is something that you produce.


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