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When Finding Functional Fencing Poles

When you search for fencing poles, you do not have to go through a tedious or difficult process, because you can find various companies (although few reliable ones) that specialise in various poles and that will be able to give you impeccable advice on how to put them together and fit them into your design. You can go to the company itself and look at the various options available to you before purchasing them. You will find a whole warehouse or exterior site – almost like a shopping mall for wooden poles – to browse through and here you can select colours, shapes, sizes and various other qualities, including texture and various pole treatments. If you cannot find the ideal poles for your project, which is highly unlikely, the company can source the products for you.



Fencing poles can then be cut and shaped the way you need them for your project. You will obviously require a specific height and width for your project, so you should make sure you transform the chosen poles into what you want before taking them home. Most companies let you pay for the poles before they cut and shape them, because your specific requirements might not be possible to resell to other clients. If you want your fencing poles painted to suit the design of your house or another building and garden, the company can either do so for you or refer you to an affiliate company. Ask the wood supplier where you can go for painting, because the poles are usually treated with chemicals that prevent flammability and that prevent decay, so some paints might not work with certain treatments.


The biggest benefit of visiting a pole supplier or pole yard is that you get to view the raw materials. Have an idea of what you are looking for in fencing poles before you go to a company, because this will speed up the process and will help the company find you the best options. Also, do some research on treatments, because you might need extra coatings in your specific environment to protect the wood.