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Timber Suppliers – What to Look For

Timber suppliers will be able to assist you quite extensively with sourcing and the decisions regarding what timber to buy and what would be best for your specific situation or need. They will be able to help you save time and money by assisting with decisions and products. You should never hesitate to approach companies like these for advice, because they are available for you to speak to at any time. Ask as many questions as will put your mind at ease, because the questions you end up receiving answers to will eventually lead to your success in a specific project. This will also help you achieve two very important goals in your wood project: the project will be aesthetically pleasing and the product will not collapse. Secure your safety by asking the right questions.



You should firstly know what timber is and how it is used. When you search for timber suppliers, make sure you know what the wood looks like and that it is used for building material and not everyday use. Wood suppliers and timber suppliers are the same concept, however, so do not let the terms confuse you. When someone refers you to a wood supplying company, you will be heading towards a company that supplies timber. The difference comes in when considering the function of the wood: timber will typically be used in construction and building of stronger structures. So, if you are building, go for timber in order to secure it.


When it comes to buying wood, you will find hundreds of different shapes and sizes, s you need to look at what you need before buying. You should also not hesitate to ask for specific wood types or colours, because it can all be sourced if the supplier does not have it in stock. Timber suppliers will cut and treat any wood you need. Treatment means covering the wood with a protective layer to steer clear of wood catching fire and to safeguard the wood from any external forces. Treatment type and time will depend on where you live and the climate.