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When looking to put up fencing there is not many components that come into play so erecting a fence is not such a tedious job if you know what you are doing. In order to put up fencing especially fencing that requires the use of wire such as with electric fencing you will need droppers. In this article we will briefly go over the role droppers play in erecting a fence.

Droppers are vertical staves that have grooves in them in order to correctly separate wires or laths. They are used mostly in fencing but also for screening purposes and tree stakes. You are able to find droppers in wood, most wooden droppers are made from Eucalyptus tree species, Eucalyptus is chosen because of its durability and resistance, it is also a tree which grows quickly so it is easy to find and comes at a good price. Not all droppers are made of wood however, some droppers are made of steel whilst some are made of a durable plastic.


Droppers made from wood will have to be treated in order to last. There are a number of preservative treatments that can be used but mostly they are treated with creosote or Tanalith and the treatment class used is H3. The importance of installing treated droppers cannot be over-stated, as untreated wood will be more easily prone to rot as well as to termite infestation. If you droppers in poor condition it compromises the entire structure of your fencing.


When purchasing wooden droppers be sure to ask the supplier about what type of treatments they use and how long the droppers are projected to last.


Make sure that you take the proper measurements with regards to the sizes of your droppers, this will make the selection process and installation process much quicker and easier. The normal heights are usually between 1.2m and 2.4 meters with diameters of between 32mm and 50 mm.


Remember the best advice you can get about droppers is from your suppliers as they will be able to direct you to the droppers that meet your specific requirements.