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You may have heard the term gum poles before and be unsure as to what type of poles these are. So let me cut to the chase to clear up the mystery. Gum poles are poles that are made from the Gum tree, the Blue gum to be more specific. It is the subspecies of the Eucalyptus globulus, it is an evergreen and originates from Australia. Typically this tree can grow up to 55m high, but there is a subspecies called the Tasmanian Blue Gum that can reach heights of 90.7m.

It is a wood that is very easy to work with and can be used for a number of applications which is why many poles are made from this type of wood. It grows quickly and is adaptable to a number of climates it does particularly well in Mediterranean-type climates.


These gum poles are used in a number of applications but mostly in construction, as well as in the creation of furniture.


Before being treated with a preservative, gum poles must be air dried, this will guarantee that the wood will be more resistant and last longer. Remember when purchasing gum poles that you can choose whether you wish to purchase gum poles that have been treated or not. Gum pole suppliers will be able to provide you with many options at different price ranges. Treated poles will be more expensive than untreated poles for example.


When shopping for gum poles you need to be sure that the poles meet the requirements, they should be straight and have the correct diameter class. They must also have the proper certifications, and you must not be afraid to ask pole suppliers about whether or not their products meet industry standards


Where do you find suppliers?


It is best to find gum pole suppliers in your area, so that you can easily go to the yard to check the poles before making your purchase. Always be sure that you deal with suppliers who are professional from the time you interact with them on the phone to the closing of the deal. You can search the internet for suppliers in your area.