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When you are thinking about starting your next DIY project you may have many ideas from which to choose. Most DIY projects centre around home improvement and home decorations. The materials used for most DIY projects is wood. There are many benefits of working with wood. With wood you can build a number of structures such as tables, chairs, decks, fences, herb garden boxes, box shelves and all sorts of other objects.

Wood also has the benefit of being cheaper in comparison to many other materials. If you are lucky or if you look in the right places you can even make use of old pieces of wood which you get for free. Wooden poles such as utility poles for example can be sourced and reused for a number of different projects. Below in this post I will be presenting you with some DIY projects.




Thinking of building fencing around a particular section of your property? Used wooden poles can be gotten either for free or for a very low price from utility companies. Utility poles are sturdy and can make for great fencing. Remember to ask the supplier what the wooden poles have been treated with so that you can check whether it is safe to use.


Towel Rail


Thinner wooden poles can be used to make a ladder towel rail. Bamboo sticks are very commonly used for this type of project. It adds a natural feel to your bathroom and it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Herb boxes


Do you have limited garden space? You can build a wooden box in which you can plant your herbs. Herb boxes are perfect to place on balconies or in small garden areas. They can also be mounted against the wall. This way you can easily pick your favourite herbs to use when cooking and for medicinal reasons.


Boxed book cases


Try building a book case with a difference. Why not build boxes big enough to fit large books, then screw these on the wall or stack them. They look very appealing from a design perspective.