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You may have recently started a DIY home project and gone in search of wood only to find that their prices can differ considerably. Understanding what determines wood prices will help you make better decisions with regards to your purchases it will also put you in a position to negotiate on prices and prevent you from being ripped off.


As with all commodities there are different prices structures, understanding what determines price structures will ensure that you get the best wood at the best price.

Rarity of wood species


Some of the most expensive woods are the most rarest, in fact availability is one of the biggest determining factors of wood prices. Some trees may be very scarce and so very hard to come by. The fact that there are not much of this wood makes it special and increases the price. One of the most expensive wood in the world is a threatened species and it is called African Blackwood or Mpingo also known as Ebony. This wood which comes from Tanzania is about 20 000 pounds per cubic meter.




Once wood has been harvested you begin to factor in additional costs if it needs to be transported to international destinations. This will increase the price of the wood quite considerably, even  transporting nationally will be more expensive if the country is big.


Local woods will cost much cheaper than imported woods. Imported wood needs to be transported inland to a port and then shipped. If it is a cheaper type of imported wood the price may reasonable but some imported rare wood prices can be very high.


Wood figure


Grain figures in wood are caused by the age of a wood. If a very old tree has been chopped and it has a rare figure in the wood grain because of its rarity it will fetch a higher asking price. Common figure forms are the curly grains found present in maples. Uncommon figure forms are burls or strongly quilted wood.




Production, weather or national and international crisis can also cause the wood prices to increase if the availability of the wood becomes scarce.