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When one of your fence wood poles break or become damaged the replacement could seem like a tedious job. It need not be if you know follow a few simple steps. Remember that corner wood poles will be secure with cement so essentially you job is to free the pole from the cement and then replace the new pole. These days fensefast repair spurs make the process much simpler.

The help needed


For this project you will need two people. This is especially true is the wood poles are heavy to carry, you may also need someone to keep the poles straight as you pour in the concrete.


The time needed


Depending on how many wood poles you are looking to replace and how many people you have to help this DIY project could take you anything from an hour to an entire day.


The tools needed for this project


Here below is a list of tools that you will need for this project. The names of the tools may differ because of the country you are from but if you do not understand then a quick Google search will solve the problem.


A spirit level

Quick set cement

A shovel

A wood fence pole

A fence fast repair spur

A saw

An adjustable spanner and ratchet set

A fence fast dolly

A sledgehammer


Step 1: Saw your old pole so that it is flush with the concrete. There should not be any protrusion.


Step 2: Take your fence fast repair spur and position it on the corner of post and then using a dolly and sledgehammer drive the spur into the ground between the wood and the concrete.


Step 3: Once in place insert your new post into the box and fasten the bolts into place with an adjustable spanner.


Step 4: Use the spirit level to check whether the wood poles is straight. If not then make some adjustments to the post.


You could also dig around the old post then pull the left cement out of the ground by roping a chain around it and then attach the chain over a jack. The jack will help pull the wood pole out of the ground.