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There are a number of reasons why we purchase wood to burn, we may need to burn wood to heat our homes, to cook on or to gather around to heat ourselves. Being that we will be burning the wood we want to get the balance right between quality and inexpensiveness. Wood for sale is the first type of wood people go for when looking for wood to burn.

We have all seen the wood vendors standing on the sides of the road selling stacks of wood for sale or you may often see wood for sale outside your convenience store. When needing wood you may think of nothing grabbing the nearest stack and paying but how do you know whether the wood is good to burn? The type of wood which is not good to burn is wet wood.


There is nothing worst than going camping only to find that half of your wood supply is no good because it is wet. If you are not familiar with wood and with knowing whether it is the right type of wood to burn this could very easily happen to you. Besides serving no good use, trying to burn wet wood can be frustrating and can deposit a harmful substance called creosote.


There are a number of ways to judge whether wood is dry enough to burn. Here below are the key ways of inspecting wood.


- Chop the wood down the centre or split a piece of wood. If it feels damp when you touch the newly exposed area then it is still wet.


- Band two pieces of wood together, if it has a hollow sound then it is dry. If it sounds dull or solid then it is wet.


- Dry wood is lighter than wet wood, so it should feel fairly light when weighting in your hand.

- You could also break a piece of wood and ignite it. If it lights easily then it is dry.