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In order to prolong the life of timber it needs to be treated. Treated timber is timber that has been under certain processes in order to protect it from the damaging effects of insects, fungus and weather. Insects that eat into wood such as termites and beetles can cause major damage to your wooden furniture, floors or other structures of your home. If your timber structures of your home has been infested it can also be hazardous to you and those living in the home as putting pressure on any structure, such as a timber banister can cause it to collapse. Weather can also cause a lot of damage to the timber if not treated properly. Rain can cause the timber to rot over time causing damages to outside timber structures. Decay fungus also has the same effect on wood when it is not treated, the fungus can cause the wood to decay.

Timber is not cheap and so when buying timber for whatever reason you need to make sure that it is properly cared for to ensure that it lasts. Treated timber is durable and will stand the test of time against the elements as well as insects.


There are different processes for treating timber. Mostly timber is either pressure treated or chemically treated.


Timber that has been pressure treated has been placed in liquid preservatives and then placed in a pressure chamber. The pressure in the chamber is high and forces the preservatives into the timber. The pressure allows the preservative to penetrate deep into the timber so that even the core of the timber is secure.


Chromated copper arsenate is one of the most widely-used chemicals to treat timber. It is a mixture of chromium, copper and arsenic and leaves a greenish tint on the timber. Chromium is a fungicide and arsenic a fungicide as well as an insecticide. Because of the hazardous nature of arsenic there are strict regulations which need to be adhered to during the manufacturing processes. There are also regulations that need to be followed when disposing of treated timber.


When visiting your local timber yard find out about the best types of treated timber to be used for your project.